ABT-TRAC Captains, Owners, and Engineers Course

Thank you for your interest in the ABT-TRAC training school.  We are currently in the middle of moving our training facility and updating the hands on features of our classroom experience.  This project will not be completed in time for a fall class so we unfortunately will not be able to offer another class in 2019.  Our goal is to have the facility up and running in time for a spring class 2020.  Please watch our website for further updates.


About the class:

The ABT-TRAC Captains, Owners, and Engineers course is two full days.  The first day we will cover design, how to read drawings, hydraulics and how the system really works. A complete factory tour is included.The second day will involve operation of a live system, trouble shooting, repairs on thruster gearboxes, stabilizer seal changes, and how to properly maintain our system. Thrusters, Stabilizers and Hydraulics will all be covered in detail.

A certificate will be presented upon completion Thursday afternoon and we'll have refreshments for you. The class will provide you with the technical information you need to maintain and repair our systems.  There is no charge to attend the course.

To sign up for the course please e-mail Mr. John Champion at:  [email protected]

ABT-TRAC Captains, Owners and Engineers Course. Covers Stabilizers, Hydraulics and Thrusters.