Company History

Arcturus Marine Systems (ABT-TRAC) is a leading manufacturer of world class yachting products, specializing in stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, and hydraulic systems.  ABT-TRAC produces the highest performing fin stabilizer systems on the market in both underway and zero-speed conditions, in both hydraulic and electric stabilizer systems.


1986 – The company was founded by D’Milo Hallerberg commencing the production of the Mini-Thruster product line serving domestic yacht and work boat builders.

1989 – The Mini-Thruster was replaced by the Magnum Series.  Magnum incorporated purpose-designed 6 bladed propellers and set a new standard in the industry for thrust and quiet operation.

1989 – Arcturus continued expanding hydraulic system designs to include support for all manner of shipboard hydraulic loads and developed many new control features previously unavailable in the market.

1993 - Arcturus changed its marketing name to American Bow Thruster and also replaced Magnum with TRAC thrusters, their dual propeller counter-rotating thruster. The TRAC thruster was configured with industry leading dual 5-bladed counter rotating propellers providing the ultimate in thrust efficiency and quiet performance. TRAC is available with either hydraulic or electric motor drive.

1999 - After substantial research and development, ABT introduced TRAC Digital Stabilizers. TRAC Stabilizers were the first in the industry to incorporate all digital controls, LCD control display with touch screen control, and many other unique features such as lift-enhancing fin winglets and easy fin removal.

In the few years that followed the introduction of TRAC Stabilizers, American Bow Thrusters’ share of the world yacht building market soared to well over 50%.

2005 - ABT introduced Stabilization at Rest as an option on all TRAC stabilizer systems. STAR provides vessel roll stabilization while at anchor or laying to. To date, ABT has produced more “At Rest” stabilizers systems than all other yacht manufacturers combined.

2007 - ABT began offering custom Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) fabrication to its customers. By pre-plumbing many hydraulic components including reservoirs, cooling, and control valves into one compact assembly, HPUs greatly reduce install time for the builder.

2009 - Recognizing the conflict between the company name and the increasing breadth of products offered, ABT changed its marketing name to ABT•TRAC. In that year ABT•TRAC also developed a purpose-built Get Home Drive for builders of smaller single screw trawlers. The ABT•TRAC Get Home Drive provides a clean, safe, automated option for hydraulically driving the propeller shaft via an alternate hydraulic source in the event the main engine becomes disabled.

2014 - ABT•TRAC finalized the design and introduced TRAC•Link, an integrated CAN Bus control system that enables the operator to control thrusters, stabilizers, windlasses, and selected hydraulic loads all from a single control panel. Can-Bus design significantly reduces the amount of cabling and labor during installation.

2016 - ABT•TRAC introduces a new electrically driven stabilizer, the eTRAC, which delivers hydraulic levels of performance and eliminates the need for any hydraulic support.

2017 – ABT-TRAC introduced a new low-profile hydraulic stabilizer.  The HydraTRAC replaces TRAC first generation stabilizer actuators having smaller vertical profile, greater power, and reduced cost.

2020 - ABT•TRAC was purchased by Roger Fellows.   in an effort to combine the two companies and continue cultivating the marine world.

2022 – At the beginning of 2022 ABT•TRAC and WESMAR merged to form Inov8v Marine Group and continue expanding the two internationally recognized brands.